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Dear Savvix Users,

We wanted to let you know that Savvix will be undergoing a major upgrade in the coming weeks. This upgrade is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the platform's experience and improvement on withdrawal with the integration of NEW utility token as gas fee which will benefit from fee reduction and efficiency.

Highlights of the update:

1. Savvix to pilot NEW Footi token as gas fee for withdrawal including stablecoin and any related product or services. 

2. Fee reduction: Platform withdrawal fee will intend to reduce from 0.5% to (0.3% + Footi Gas Fee)* commencing 3rd Mar 2023.

3. Pilot Run period: 3rd ~ 10th Mar 2023**

*The performance for this pilot will subject to optimize and any adjustment is require to improve or fine tune by Savvix to maintain the stability of the network and Savvix platform.

**Piloting Footi token as gas fee as part of the withdrawal process is subject to changed prior to the technical readiness, network stability and efficiency optimization over period of pilot run.

f you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our  support team. Thank you for your continued support of Savvix.

Savvix Support Team

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