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What is Savvix?

Savvix’s completely integrated digital investment management platform assists user and digital asset managers with compliance, trading, risk management, operations and even accounting. The platform is guided by the principal that digital asset should be open and free, but secure. Its products, including a wide selection of digital asset that allow users to easily transfer, staking, and even monetizing through digital asset — help customers invest in digital asset including DeFi tokens, NFT tokens, and other valuable digital currencies and digital asset.

Our Vision

We help investors navigate the world of crypto and digital assets.

Our Mission strives to become a leading Integrated Digital Asset Management (IDAM) platform to enable the world of decentralized finance.

Opportunities in Digital Asset Space

Which area we can easily focus and start?

Multichain Supported

Savvix supports cross-chain swaps between the aggregated public chains via cross-chain protocols and will support direct cross-chain transactions once the infrastructure matures. Primary that Savvix supported include Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, Ontology, Tron, Solana, Fantom, XDAI, Heco, Polkadot and more to be added.

Crypto Monetization at a Glance

Maximise the value of Crypto Asset

Crypto monetization platform that require extensive experience, strong technical setup and maintenance.