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Savvix Web 3.0 and DeFi Tour Workshop. Jakarta, Indonesia

Savvix’s Esteem Affiliate Partner Program is designed to develop and support member and partner with Time to Market Accelerator (Web 3.0) Program and earn referral rewards with minimum effort.

Every EAP member can earn lifetime rewards by simply sharing a personal referral link. When you join the Savvix’s EAP Program, you help us attract more people to the world of the open digital economy. In return, you receive USDC bonuses to your Savvix account.

In addition, The Time To Market Accelerator package is designed to serve as a product accelerator for an organisation.

Many organisations are trapped within their own product teams, and can face challenges when it comes to pursuing great new ideas triggered by employees or customers.

With Time To Market Accelerator we help organisations to build a business case around the piece they want to develop, we validate that business case with their users and develop the software, crypto payment gateway to reach accept payments globally and implementation without interfering with their internal roadmap allowing the company to scale with speed and simplicity.

All you need to get started is an account on and get qualify yourself for the EAP program HERE.

A) For crypto enthusiast and trader:

- You want to gain more rewards through the EAP referral program and grow your crypto asset holdings.

- You want to gain more trading knowledge with multiple trading strategy to increase your crypto holding with Strategic Bear Market Trading Technics in preparation for the next bull relief or true bull cycle.

B) For crypto enthusiast and digital business kick starter:

- You want to explore more business opportunities in the digital asset space through Savvix’s ecosystem and it’s consortium network.

- You want to generate extra source of income without the risk of building a new service.

- You want to expand your customer base by tapping into the untapped market with the ease of payment acceptance and better customer engagement. 

- You have a brilliant digital business idea and you want to pitch your business to bigger audience through wider range of investment and funding (crowd funding, venture capitalist, private fundings)

How Savvix EAP Program Works ?

1. Apply and submit your EAP application here.

2. All EAP rewards will be represented in the form of sEAP token.

3. sEAP token value is equivalent to 1 USDC. Conversion of sEAP will always be at a 1:1 rate to USDC.

4. sEAP will be automatically credited in your Savvix token wallet. All the sEAP token will be locked and vest for 3 months commenced from 1st June 2022.

5. The sEAP token will then automatically converted to USDC and credited to your Savvix token wallet on 20th September 2022.

Bonus Track:

1. Qualified EAP member entitle to join Savvix Web3.0 and DeFi tour Workshop in Jakarta (24th ~ 27th August 2022). Air fare and accommodation (5 Star Hotel) will be subsidy by Savvix.

2. Qualified EAP member will be entitled for Time to Market Accelerator (Web 3.0) Program. Have a brilliant web 3.0 business idea? Let us work together to realize your big idea. Submit your big idea proposal (no more than 10 pages) to

Benefits of EAP Program?

1. Free 3 Months Premium Access to VELON Strategic Trading Club (Spot/future/margin and airdrop)

2. Get Rewards Up to 10% of Your Direct Referral (excluded Savvix Affiliate Marketing Program)

3. Qualified EAP member Get Priority Access to Submit Proposal for Time to Market Accelerator (Web 3.0) Program.

4. Bear Market Strategic Contingency (Maximise Token Holding)

5. Have a Brilliant Idea to Monetize ? Let’s Realize your DREAM!

6. Savvix will offer Support to Design , Develop and Deploy your Next Big Idea of Digital Business. (Apply to qualified idea proposal from EAP Qualifier)

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How to qualify as EAP member?

Existing Savvix member require to have at least accumulative of minimum 10,000 USDT/USDC in equivalent active 180 days staking plans included stablecoin and liquidity staking.

Submit your EAP application and ready to unlock your reward of sEAP. The reward and perks in associate with your tier below.


1.EAP program campaign starts from 1st June 2022 till 19th September 2022

2.Applicable to any active staking (180 days locked) plans from 1st June 2022.

3.Qualified EAP member who intend to join Savvix Web3.0 and DeFi tour Workshop is require to submit your EAP application before 10th August 2022