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Here we go again Savvixer!

Are in the meme season? Ah~Ha ! The SHIB has return...

We have seen SHIB sky rocketed in the past Nov 2021 which posted a massive gain over 1000%+ from the moment that Savvix airdrop happened in Aug 2021. Amazingly, some of you managed to catch the train and enjoy the ride North. 
To those who followed Savvix long enough, should know that on 2021 August, we made a massive profit together with our member on SHIBA INU / SHIB Token.

The meme instinct is here ~ do we smell something is cooking and is for real? Well, there is a potential for Shiba to set the stage again this year 2023. 
What's up SHIBA INU? Shibarium layer 2 is soon to launch this year 2023. Will ShiB rocket 🚀? Or the history may repeat itself …?

Let's buckle up and here we go...
Airdrop Reward of SHIBToken with 6% for Staker + 6% for Introducer will be given to both STAKER & INTRODUCER for 365 days plan, minimum stake 1,000 USDC.

Campaign starts on 2 Feruary 2023.

Campaign duration: 2 Feruary  - 15 February 2023.

Terms and condition apply.

To member who enroll to this campaign and owning a Footiverse Premium NFT will be eligible for Footi Token Privates and Pre Sales Whitelisting. 

Not yet a Footiverse Premium NFT Owner yet?
Start your "lazy" Minting Now..
Click the link to start Lazy MINT!

Lazy mint - this terms shall defined as an Off-line NFT minting and the NFT will directly airdrop to your NFT wallet address.

Terms and Condition Apply.

  • • Apply on to Footiverse NFT premium owners.
  • • Eligible for ALL stable coin and liquidity plan.
  • • Minimum staking of 365days, 1000 USDC.